Rijeka Boat Show is open

The Rijeka Boat Show was opened in the Port of Rijeka - a nautical fair that gathered the largest number of exhibitors, mostly Croatian manufacturers. But in addition to modern and innovative, there is also a traditional maritime story - with the Fiumare Festival. Boats worth around 800,000 euros can be seen in the port of Rijeka, Bubamara is among the most expensive, and among the oldest is…

In the port of Rijeka you can see vessels worth about 800,000 euros, among the most expensive is Bubamara, and among the oldest is Lošinj's Nerezinac - a cargo ship that is believed to date from the early 20th century. It was renovated in the Arca Adriatica project.

As she reported in the central HTV Dnevnik Iva Črnjar, night sailing is currently underway, and there are numerous workshops of traditional maritime heritage throughout the day. It is very important to say that this year's nautical fair gathers three times more exhibitors, mostly from Croatian manufacturers. 

The staging of the story Karolina saves Rijeka from 1813 about a woman from Rijeka who gave the English admiral the rosary of the Mother of God of Trsat and thus saved Rijeka from destroying the English fleet begins at 8 pm.0 seconds of 1 minute, 52 secondsVolume 90%

Source: hrt.hr Author: Iva Črnjar Ivančan/Dnevnik/B.A./HRT

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