I was born in 1984. and became the first and largest in this area. A lot of waves have hit my shores since then which only made me stronger. You loved coming to visit me, and I always tried to be good host. I am in the heart of Kvarner, my eyes reach Istria.I am very close to all our friends from Slovenia, . Austria, , Italy, a glavni  gradovi poput Zagreb and Ljubljana nadomak su mi ruke. Ponosim se  poviješću i značajem mojeg city and my port, I have always been relevant, I have always been a point of reference, I have always been a First Sea to most of Europe. In line with the new investments in nautics in my city, and therefore with modern aspirations and and respectable partners and with the new driving force, perseverance, courage and vision of my leaders, I am extremely looking forward to the future and for years to come! Because I'm only 40 years old...

I am Rijeka Boat Show and I know you will come…

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Where CITY is PORT, where PORT is CITY

Rijeka Boat Show is the successor of the popular Nautica, a fair that has been held in Rijeka since 1984 as the oldest nautical fair in the former state and beyond. In 2013, the fair was renamed the Rijeka Nautic Show, and in 2019 as new organizers, we redesigned the name, but also modernized the entire concept of the fair according to the latest standards, and since then this nautical show is held under its current name - Rijeka Boat Show.

Ticket price

5,00 €

Working Hours

10:00 h - 19:00 h


Exhibitors are the essence of the fair. The trust of exhibitors is the most valuable segment of the fair and something that cannot be bought, can only be deserved… 
In addition to the trust of exhibitors, we highlight some of the most important comparative advantages of Rijeka and the Rijeka Boat Show:


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