Rijeka Boat Show 2021

The Rijeka Boat Show, the successor to the popular Nautica, which has been held in Rijeka since 1984 as the oldest festival of small shipbuilding, vessels and accompanying facilities, will be held in Rijeka, at the Karolina Riječka Pier, from September 24 to 26. In 2013, the fair was renamed the Rijeka Nautic Show, and in 2019 the new organization redesigned the name, but also modernized the entire concept of the fair according to the latest standards, and since then this nautical event is held under its current name - Rijeka Boat Show. This year's edition will be held under its official motto "The city is a port, the port is a city", and visitors will be presented with a number of exhibitors, including popular brands from the world of nautical, Croatian small shipbuilding and ancillary equipment manufacturers.

In addition, the same weekend at a number of locations in the city will be held a related, 9th in a row, maritime festival Fiumare - Kvarner Festival of the Sea and Maritime Traditions, which will give Rijeka an additional charm of ancient maritime times. One part of the Fiumare program will take place in the same space as the Rijeka Boat Show and, we are convinced, will satisfy visitors who are not primarily related to nautical. Namely, during its duration from September 22 to 29, Fiumare will offer events such as: exhibitions of wooden boats, traditional regattas, performances of one of the historically richest sequences of the city on the river Rijeka - "Carolina saves Rijeka" through many events for all generations in different locations. , then workshops on tying knots or making ropes, nautical workshops, organized searches for hidden treasures, Eco - ethno fair, etc.

The offer of both events will make Rijeka a nautical and maritime destination on the last weekend in September. The combination of the atmosphere of Rijeka's rich maritime past and modern nautical trends of the present will offer a powerful experience of Rijeka open to the sea, which through maritime heritage and the city's connection with the sea is present from history to today in various ways.

Source: portauthority.hr

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