Interview with the head of the City Administration Department for Entrepreneurship

Interview with Jana Sertić, Head of the City Administration Department for Entrepreneurship of the City of Rijeka:

Nautics brings a new quality in the identity of Rijeka

The Rijeka Boat Show is the modern successor to the former Nautica and then the Nautic Show, which means that nautics and Rijeka have been loved since the time when we could only dream of luxury yachts coming to Rijeka's docks, as has been the case in recent years. What does the development of nautical tourism and related activities mean for Rijeka and its surroundings?

Nautics is undoubtedly one of the most propulsive and stable economic branches with a high contribution to the overall tourism product of Croatia, which showed a trend of the fastest recovery both in the postwar years and during the epidemic. These are industries with high economic potential, whose spill-over effects in the short term are reflected in the local economy. In the context of Rijeka, nautics will soon become a micro-regional specialization, since the construction and commissioning of the Porto Baroš marina will officially affirm our city as a center of nautical tourism. This positioning not only brings direct benefits to activities such as catering and trade, but also has the opportunity to further encourage all blue industries and the related IT sector, while also initiating innovation. I believe that the 35-year-long tradition of the nautical fair is just an overture to the great nautical story that awaits us in the coming years.

How do you comment on the fact that this year's Rijeka Boat Show is completely sold out, especially considering the previous two pandemic years? 

As I have already pointed out, nautical as a tourism industry has shown strong resilience during this and previous crises, and its development is part of current national and local strategic policies and plans. So we have a branch whose potential is undeniable. Secondly, the announced investments and the beginning of the Porto Baroš project have certainly resonated with the interested public and have already marked Rijeka as a future nautical destination. The third element that I consider to be part of success is the organizational factor. Namely, since 2019, the City of Rijeka has left the organization of the fair to the real sector, ie the business entity that successfully animates exhibitors and visitors, improves logistics and enriches the program based on its own competencies and market experience. I have no doubt that the Rijeka Boat Show will grow in every way in the coming years, and the City of Rijeka will continue to support these efforts.

The nautical future of Rijeka has already begun

The support of the Rijeka Boat Show by the Department of Entrepreneurship of the City of Rijeka is an important link in the whole process of transforming Rijeka into a nautical destination and in general into the so-called opening the city to the sea. What are your expectations, projections for the future of Rijeka in that sense?

Rekla bih da je budućnost već počela J U posljednje vrijeme dogodile su se i događaju se snažne promjene, i to ne samo na infrastrukturnoj razini koja nam je vidljiva dok vozimo po gradu. Uz izgradnju D-403 i investicija Lučke uprave, početkom rujna je potpisan ugovor između Lürssen Design Center Kvarner i Sveučilišta u Rijeci, što predstavlja prvi korak u osnivanju Maritime Innovation Cluster-a, a vodi nizu razvojnih i istraživačkih projekata u suradnji privatnog, javnog i znanstveno-istraživačkog sektora. Time ujedno otvara vrata novim investicijama, kvalitetnim radnim mjestima i jačanju konkurentnosti. Ako tome dodamo i nedavno završene kao i tekuće razvojne i infrastrukturne projekte Grada Rijeke u funkciji primjene suvremenih tehnologija poput Proizvodnog parka Torpedo, Inkubatora za kreativne tehnologije i IT industriju Energana te niz smart city projekata koji se odvijaju u okviru Centra kompetencija za pametne gradove, Rijeku pouzdano očekuje perspektivna budućnost i status etabliranog turističkog i nautičkog središta, ali i centra razvoja i transfera znanja i inovacija.

Do you embark on sailing adventures yourself?

Until now, I have always preferred to stick to the mainland, just praised the sea and, like many Rijeka residents, used the proximity of the coastal landscapes of Kvarner for rest and leisure. However, in the situation of Rijeka's growing nautical potential, I leave the option to try myself in a real sea adventure wide open. This new quality in the identity of Rijeka will certainly affect the culture of life of all of us and I believe that every year we will turn more and more to our sea and shores.

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